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  • Zhou Baozhong — (Chinese: 周保中; 1902–1964) was a commander of the Northeast Anti Japanese United Army resisting the pacification of Manchukuo by the Empire of Japan. BiographyZhou Baozhong became a regimental commander and vice division commander in the National… …   Wikipedia

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  • Li Yanlu — Li Yanlu, 李延禄, (1895 1985), soldier, communist, and leader of anti Japanese forces in Manchuria. Li was born in Yenchi, Kirin (now Jilin) Province in April 1895. He became involved in the opposition to Yuan Shikai s attempt to restore the… …   Wikipedia

  • Teresa Teng — (chinesisch 鄧麗君 Dèng Lìjūn, W. G. Teng Li chün, Geburtsname: 鄧麗筠 Dèng Lìyún; * 29. Januar 1953 in der Gemeinde Baozhong, Landkreis Yunlin, Taiwan; † 8. Mai 1995 in Chiang Mai, Thailand) war eine taiwanische Sängerin. Biografie… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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